"Empowering the Youth and Adults of Today for Our Community Tomorrow"

YES Kids Count LLC (YKC) - Intensive In-Home, service children and adolescents from age 5 to 17 years with mental health and /or behavior issues, with severely impair functioning at home, school and in the community. YKC, Provides therapeutic counseling services for youth / adolescent and their families to help stabilize and improve clients’ and family functioning in the home. Prevent out of home placement and assist with transitioning youth that are returning to the home, school and community. YKC, Provides Care Coordination and crisis intervention services as well. All counselors are on 24 hour call to respond and assist with any emergency concern of their clients.

YES KIDS COUNT - Clinical team, along with the client and parent, creates individualized service plans designed to meet the specific needs of each of our client. Our Counselors are Qualified Mental Health Provider (QMHPs) and provides the following services under the tutelage of our clinical staff and receives direct weekly supervision to ensure a high quality level of clinical interventions. Counselors assist clients in the following areas:

  • • Behavioral Management
  • • Individual Counseling
  • • Coping Skills
  • • Decision Making Skills
  • • Family Counseling
  • • Case Management
  • • Crisis Intervention
  • • Clinical Assessments
  • • Pro-Social Skills

YKC, Mental Health Skills Building - provide services for adults with mental, behavioral and emotional difficulties, who present a need for greater stability and independence to remain in their homes or the least restrictive environment. The clinical team, MHSS specialist, along with the client collaborates to create a person centered individualized service plans. Our Mental Health Specialists provide structured skills building services such as; guidance with budgeting and money management, medication support, decision making skills, safety awareness, appropriate social interaction, organizational skills, personal care skills, housing management and other relevant skills which will support their continued stability and independence.

YKC, dedicated team members and Mental Health Specialists are committed to providing supportive and community based skills building services that will assist our client to become stable and more independent in the community. Our Clinical team, along with the client, creates individualized service plans designed to meet their specific needs. Specialist provides structured care coordination to assist client with their daily needs. Specialist focus areas for clients are:

  • • Functional Skills
  • • Behavioral Management
  • • Health & Safety Awareness
  • • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
  • • Increase Awareness & Exposure to Community Resources
  • • Assistance with Medication Management
  • • Monitoring of Health, Nutrition & Physical Health
  • • Anger Management
  • • Parenting Skills
  • • Social Skills

The YKC program will partner with Social Service, Mental Health Facilities, Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Corrections, Community Resource Centers, Independent Living Facilities, Richmond Redevelopment Housing, and Recreation and Parks.